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Less Downtime for Businesses

As commercial movers, we know you rely on us to keep your business moving. AAA Movers provides the best possible relocation solutions for our client’s specific goals, including:

  • office relocations
  • employee relocation programs
  • warehousing and inventory management solutions.

Whatever your needs are, our commercial moving services partner with you, using our years of experience to help make your move fast, easy, and successful.

AAA Movers Truck
Complete relocation for an entire facility or a single workplace
Single point of contact for coordination and scheduling of all services
Project management for pre-planning, execution, and completion
Nationwide network of warehouses for flexible, convenient storage options
Moves, additions, and changes to existing workspaces
On-site field management of formally trained relocation crews
Receiving, transporting and delivery of new furniture systems
Certified furniture installation for all major brands
Disconnect and reconnect of computers, peripherals and multi-function devices
Server and high-value equipment relocation

Secure Storage

Your company’s equipment, products and furniture may require temporary storage during your move. Luckily we can provide a climate-controlled environment to keep everything secure. Your items are monitored 24/7 and accessible to you while in storage.
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Business Staging Services

If you’re selling your property, an attractive presentation is the best way to attract buyers. We provide commercial staging services to help your business look its best when you put it on the market. Effective staging makes a space look larger, brighter, and more modern. Let our team bring out your space’s full potential.
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E-Crate® Supplies

When moving your business, you have enough to worry about. AAA Movers offers E-Crate® moving systems for your location change. E-Crates® are a reusable, durable, and secure packing solution, simplifying how we transport everything that keeps your business moving.
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Employee Relocation Services

Maximize your dollars with safe and efficient moving and transportation for your employees and their families. With one point of contact, customizable move plans, and adherence to the highest quality standards, it’s time to cross another thing off your list.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Moving

Separate valuable business documents from the rest of your items. If you can’t use a different vehicle to transport these documents, keep them in a clearly labeled safe for the move. Have appropriate insurance to prepare for the worst-case scenario. This is the perfect time to scan them into a digital format.
Start packing the things you rarely use at your business (hint: you’ll probably find them in your storage room). It’s tempting to move everything from your old location to your new one, but sometimes it’s best to sell, donate, or recycle items so they don’t get in the way. As Moving Day approaches, pack commonly used items.

Don’t seal your boxes until the day before your move, so you can access your belongings when necessary.
This chart can be helpful as you’re organizing!
Large Boxes 3 – 12 5 – 15 10 – 20 15 – 25 20 – 30
Medium Boxes 8 – 15 10 – 20 15 – 25 20 – 30 25 – 35
Small Boxes 12 – 18 15 – 25 20 – 30 30 – 40 40 – 50
Bundle of Paper 1 1 1 2 2
Dish Barrel 2 – 5 3 – 6 4 – 6 5 – 7 6 – 9
Wardrobe Box 3 – 5 3 – 6 5 – 7 6 – 10 8 – 12
One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is not having enough boxes for moving day. AAA Movers provides  affordable boxes, and we say it’s better to request too many than not enough. Various sizes easily move your equipment to its new spot.
Our qualified and trained furniture installers specialize in commercial office products and handle cubicle and partition wall takedown and installation.
We use Masonite on all marble floors and other sensitive flooring types. We safeguard all carpets with carpet shields in high-traffic areas.
A detailed organizational system is vital to moving offices. That’s why we label every item moved to assist with tracking, organization, and reassembly.
Lateral file cabinets should be emptied, with the minimum being the top two or three drawers. Vertical file cabinets can remain loaded. However, if the relocation requires traversing stairs, empty all file cabinets for safety.
We maintain general liability and workers’ compensation insurance for services provided within tenant buildings.

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