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Moving Your Computer

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Backing UP Data

The most fragile part of a computer is the hard disk. Although it is easy for a technician to replace a hard disk, recreating the data you have stored on the disk is very difficult – maybe impossible. The most important rule in using a computer, regardless of whether or not the computer is about to be moved, is to make sure you have at least two different copies of any
data or documents that you feel are of value. You should make sure copies of all program diskettes or CD’s are labeled.

You can copy files from the hard disk to floppy diskettes, a zip drive, or burn to a CD. Conduct a full backup of data directories before a move. It is possible to recreate programs from the
original program disks however, printer drivers, default directories and preferences will have to be reselected, and macros or setup files may need extensive work to recreate.

Unlocking Security Devices

If the system unit is bolted to a table, unbolt it for transport. Consider using a new security device in your new location. Some Personal Computers have keys to lock the cover of the system unit. Lock the unit and remove the key. Make sure you place the key where you can easily locate it.

Turning the Power Off

Before attempting to take your system apart, make sure all power switches are turned OFF. This is especially important if you use a power strip with an on/off switch and normally leave
the individual component switches ON.

Labeling and Documenting the System

Make sure you write down serial numbers for each piece of equipment. Using mailing labels or “invisible” tape, label both ends of the cables, describing where the cable is attached and which piece of equipment it serves. On a separate paper, describe the cables and how they are connected (in case the labels come off in transport).

Detaching Cables

You may need a small screwdriver to remove the cables. Cables permanently attached to the monitor or external disk drive can simply be taped to the device with masking tape.


Remove toner cartridges from laser printers and put them in their own box (once a toner cartridge has been used, toner can spill out). Remove font cartridges. Remove all paper trays and other plastic parts extending from the body of the printer. On dot-matrix printers, tie the print heads of the printers to one side. Use masking tape to hold plastic covers of dot matrix printers in place.


If you still have the original boxes for anything, use them instead of generic packing boxes. If you do not have the original boxes, AAA Movers can provide sturdy packing containers and

Pack all cables in one box and label the box accordingly. Pack any keyboard templates, User Manual(s) and the mouse in one box and label it. Pack your backup diskettes, program diskettes, and CD’s, put them in a box, and label it. Consider moving these boxes yourself.

Remove and pack the anti-glare screen, if any, from the monitor

Internet Service

Don’t forget to call your service provider and disconnect any Internet service or browser lines (such as, dial-up telephone lines, Cable, DSL, etc.).

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Complete our short form to get your free estimate.

Complete our short form to get your free estimate.

Marty, the AAA Movers Mascot giving a thumbs up
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