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The Dos and Don'ts of Storing Your Belongings in Minneapolis

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November 14, 2023

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Storing your belongings can be an essential part of moving. But don’t just store your belongings anywhere. Here’s what you need to know about Minneapolis storage. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Storing Your Belongings in the Twin Cities 

DO find a reputable Minneapolis storage company. Storing your belongings is a big deal. Review the company’s testimonials and understand what they offer before signing a contract. 

DON’T store your belongings in a unit without temperature control. Especially here in Minnesota, you need to know your stuff isn’t going through extreme temperature fluctuations and damaging humidity levels. 

DO check out their location ahead of time. Chances are you’ll be making many, many trips to your storage unit.  Go to it ahead of time so you know exactly where it is. Is there annoying road construction nearby? Is it out of the way of your daily routine? Know these answers ahead of time to avoid a frustrating inconvenience later. 

DON’T put just anything in your Minneapolis storage unit. There’s an extensive list of what you shouldn’t put in storage, including hazardous, flammable, sentimental, or heavily scented materials. You also don’t want to store anything too valuable. 

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DO prep your items ahead of time:

Doing this can keep them safe and in good condition while stored. 

DON’T store large furniture all in one piece. Your best bet is to disassemble larger pieces — tables, bed frames, etc. — before putting them away. Not only does this give you more space, it’ll protect these pieces from unnecessary damage. Take the time to wrap table legs in blankets for safekeeping. 

DO inventory your belongings before putting them in a Minneapolis storage unit. This way, you know where your things are and don’t need to waste time searching your home for something that’s in storage.  Inventory apps can help you stay organized, tracking what you own and what you’re about to store. 

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DON’T move items in at random. Put larger and heavier items towards the back of your unit. Have things you think you’ll need in the future? Place them towards the front. If possible, leave a path so it’s easy to move through your unit and get what you need. 

How Much Does Storage Cost in Minneapolis? 

On average, sizable storage units in Minneapolis cost $77 a month. But different factors, including the size and location, can impact that amount. Check that they offer a transparent and comprehensive contract so you know what to expect! Moving is stressful enough without hidden fees coming to light. 

Rent a Minneapolis Storage Unit With AAA Movers

If you want to rent a Minneapolis storage unit, look no further than AAA Movers. We have conveniently located units across the Twin Cities, with easy access to your things whenever you need them. Our units are  (7’ x 5’ x 7’), which means plenty of space to store what you need! 

Learn more about our storage options. If you still have questions, get in touch with a member of our Twin Cities team online or at 612-268-5080. We’d be happy to chat with you further. 

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Complete our short form to get your free estimate.

Complete our short form to get your free estimate.

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