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How to Keep Your Home Clean & Organized Long After the Move

September 10, 2019

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The feeling of satisfaction that comes from finally being all moved into your new home is hard to describe. It gives almost everyone a huge sense of accomplishment and order to have everything in its place in a home that's free of clutter. But as the daily routine of life sets back in it can be hard to maintain that new-home neatness.

It's been well documented that a messy home negatively affects your mental and emotional state, so creating a realistic plan to maintain your home is well worth it.

Here are some tips to keep your home clean, organized, and clutter-free long after the move.

Papers and bills piled up on counter

Don't let papers pile up

Paper is the number one culprit when it comes to clutter building up in your home, so staying on top of it makes a huge difference.

Woman making her bed

Take it a day at a time

Creating small, easy-to-do habits you can follow daily, or even weekly, make a huge difference in your home long-term.

Mother and daughter organizing bedroom closet

Don't let clutter creep back in

The longer you live in one space, the more "stuff" will start to accumulate — if you let it.

We hope these tips help you stay cozy and happy in your new home for years to come. Whenever you're ready to make your next move, the friendly team at AAA Movers is ready to lend a hand!

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Complete our short form to get your free estimate.

Marty, the AAA Movers Mascot giving a thumbs up
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